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April 14, 15 and 16, 2016
Cambria Pines Lodge, Cambria, CA

Please book your rooms at your earliest opportunity.  We have blocked 15 rooms (what we reserved last time we visited).  The rooms range from $137.00 to $168.00 per night.  This is a 20% discount from the normal room rates.  The hotel is pretty much sold out for that period. We were only able to block a few (5) rooms at the lower rate.  We have been assured that if there are cancellations and we need the rooms, the CJA will have first chance on them.  It might be noted that the Central Coast is becoming more popular.  The day of being able to call the day before arrival and getting a room is a thing of the past. The Cambria Pines Lodge includes a very nice buffet breakfast each day with the price of a room.  This effectively reduces the cost of the room by about $20.00 per night.

The room prices will be cancelled on March 15.  If there are still rooms available; they will be at the regular rate.

We've added a day to our traditional Spring Meet.  

Those that choose to arrive on Thursday will receive the same room rate as for the meet.  
Friday will be an "open" day.  The Dunhams and the Van Rozebooms invite all members to a small reception in their room late on Friday afternoon.  

If there is interest we may be able to set up a run up to Hearst Castle and take one of the several tours that they offer.  

Saturday morning will feature a tour by old British autos in the surrounding area.  A lunch is being planned for the culmination of the tour.  More on this later.  Saturday afternoon will be an "on your own" experience.  

Saturday night  our banquet will be held at the Cambria Pines Lodge.  The meal cost will be $50.00 per person.  

For those who will come from afar, The San Luis Obispo Airport is served by both United and American Airlines.  Rental cars are available.   

Book your rooms as soon as possible. 

Once we get the Saturday tour and luncheon  lined out, we will get an official invitation to the members. 


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For Additional Info Contact:
Dan Dunham

Please mail to:
Dan Dunham
427 E. Michigan
Fresno, CA 93704






The Classic Jaguar Association is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of all classic Jaguar automobiles. The club was originally founded as a way to network those interested in early SS and pre-War Jaguars. The club's scope has expanded since then however to encompass all classic Jaguars from SS automobiles all the way up through the XJ-S and XJ-6 cars of the 1980's.

The Classic Jaguar Association offers membership to owners of SS Cars and classic Jaguar automobiles and those who have interest in these cars.

As a member, you will receive our publication, The News and Technical Bulletin, which offers free classified advertising for non-commercial members. We also offer registries of most of the SS and classic Jaguars. We do encourage our members to list their cars in our registries.




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